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May.16 2010 GaomeiWetlandsWildlife Refuge
Taichung County, Taiwan


Isahaya Bay reclamation dispute continues 20190918

★ Isahaya Bay Reclamation Problem 20171209

The second visit for Taiwan 20170626

★upcoming Ramsar COP12 in Uruguay scheduled on 2015.06.01
   Ramsar picture report in Uruguay 20151013

Gov't must take responsibility for solving Isahaya Bay floodgatescontroversy
   from The Editorial of Mainichi Shinbun 20150226

Open floodgates to restore the Ariake Sea: Asia & Japan Watch(AJW) from Asahi shinbun

★Floodgates need to be reopened in Isahaya reclamation project By The Asahi Shinbun (Japanese Newspaper) 13.12.31
Foreign students in Tsukuba Univ. visit Isahaya Bay  12.11.29
Ramsar COP11 Romania  and  WWN for NGO 12.07.19
★ Insects in the pond,Link to the siteWarning from midges (Isahaya,Japan) YouTube video  11.11.09
COP10/MOP5 in Nagoya  Live,On-Demand net on line
★Voting site,WWN international wetland awards. Vote ISAHAYA for Grey 10.09.07
Rainbow on Isahaya Bay 10.02.16
Young leaders from Asia exchange with Isahaya. 09.03.10
Shimabara fieldwork and meeting 06.07.28
The scholars from UK in the Isahaya site
★Stop the construction
  Fishermen in Ariake Sea gathering at the Gate of construction site to stop the Isahaya Project.
  Fukuoka high court reversed the decision of  Saga.Also pointed the reserch  with the Opening of the Gate.
★Saga Local Court decided to stop the construction of Isahaya Bay.

   Details should be connected to 
    The  Japan Times  04.08.27
   Tide change in Saga,Japan  04.09.06 by GavanMcCormack

Stage 'Rainbow on the Shore' by Gendaiza04.08.08

A report of Netherlands   by Nimura Eriko 03.07.17 

★weblog :  My travel in India  by Uncle  2005.03.17
      Korean wetlands    by Uncle  2010.12.29
         Taiwan is Exciting by Uncle 10.12.29
      The second visit for Taiwan 17.06.25

LINK (2020.09.13)

Diffusion of microcystins (cyanobacteria hepatotoxins) from the reservoir of Isahaya Bay by Tohru Takahashi   2014.12.24
WLI Wetland Link International
 Ramsar Convention on Wetlands
Ramsar Center Japan
 Japan for Sustainability
WWF Hong Kong 
Mai po Marshes Hong Kong
(youtube  10mins)
JAWAN  (Japan Wetlands Action Network)  ISAHAYA attend in this site

Welcome to Fujimae Tidal Flat
KFEM(Korean Federation For Environmental Movement)(Korean)



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